The Slimy Lichmummy

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The Slimy Lichmummy
Beta Project
Developer Ulf Åström (aka Happy Pony Land)
Theme cyberpunk/fantasy
Influences Ultima Underworld, Deus Ex, Quake, Nethack
Released 2006 (0.1)
Updated 2011-11-11 (0.32)
Licensing open source
P. Language C
Platforms anything with a C compiler
Interface ncurses
Game Length
Official site of The Slimy Lichmummy

TSL is a roguelike (in the hack school) with an original cyberpunk/fantasy setting. You start out with a shotgun and a dozen shells, encounter beings like mutated ratmen and chainsaw ogres. Improve your character by replacing body parts with machinery.

Developed since 2006 and fairly complete and stable. Development usually happens in bursts of a couple creative months followed by long spans of inactivity.

Available as source code or Win32 binary (testers wanted!).

Some defining features:

  • Persistent levels, built from manually designed (but randomly chosen) chunks. Non-linear level progression. Currently the dungeon has two main branches that lead to a common endgame. Each level has a distinct look and feel and a different set of enemies.
  • Gameplay that discourages grinding. You do not gain experience from kills or regain health by waiting. There is no reason to remain for long on a level - monsters respawn at an increasingly aggressive rate. There is no autoexplore, every level and encounter should be interesting.
  • Health is a finite resource that must be conserved. You only regain it by finding medkits or other items - no natural regeneration!
  • Stealth is very useful. You don't want - and don't need - to pick every fight.
  • Characters improve by finding and installing augmentations. You are given an a/b choice and the augmentation not chosen is discarded.
  • Unique (?) field of view algorithm that is *not* based on "line of sight". Light "bounces" on walls and lets you see around corners.
  • Interface that allows both verb-noun and noun-verb item actions. Items are autoequipped when it makes sense. All keys can be remapped, Dvorak and numpad-enabled layouts included.
  • Very quick ranged combat - when playing with vi-keys, shift+direction performs a ranged attack. Dedicated key for cycling different kinds of ammo.
  • Unique (?) visual style. Uses only grayscale. Walls are drawn as continuous lines, floors as raster (checkerboard character). An option exists to use traditional '.' floors.
  • High difficulty and learning threshold, but tries to be fair and educational. Elaborate death messages - you should always know what killed you and don't do that again.
  • Many status modifiers. You (and enemies!) can be poisoned, wounded, stunned, hasted, slowed, flying, sleeping, blinded and must adapt your strategy to this.
  • Environmental hazards. You can fly over lava, swim in water or freeze it to cross. Forcefields can be disabled by different means.
  • Most items are known and usable, some must be identified to be utilized fully. Random scrolls, potions and wands. Items can interact (e.g. apply a potion of poison on darts to produce poisoned darts).