The Tombs of Asciiroth

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The Tombs of Asciiroth
Beta Project
Developer Alx Dark
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack
Updated Jul 24, 2009 (0.7)
Licensing Apache 2.0 License
P. Language Java converted to JavaScript
Platforms Browser-based
Interface Keyboard
Game Length (Depends on scenario)
Official site of The Tombs of Asciiroth

The Tombs of Asciiroth (ToA) is a free open-source online game. Although it uses a keyboard interface and text display, it differs from the majority of roguelikes:

  • The game is not turn-based. Shooting and attacking require quick reflexes and fast thinking.
  • Item use is very simplistic. The inventory appears as a sidebar, and one simply selects an item and presses Enter (or walks into something) to use it.
  • The levels (groups of levels are known as scenarios) are manually created JSON files; there is no random level generation. In fact, there is an offline scenario editor bundled separately from the game.
  • The game uses more puzzle-oriented gameplay (hunting for keys, pushing boulders into pits.)

Whether The Tombs of Asciiroth is a roguelike game at all is debatable, but it is indeed a playable game.

The gaming website Play This Thing reviewed the game, labeling it a "sweet technical hack" but criticizing it for having "too many Sokoban-style puzzles and not enough good old monster-bashing [for my taste]."