Twelve Hours

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Twelve Hours
Developer Trystan Spangler
Released 2011 Mar 11
Updated 2011 Mar 16
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms All
Interface Emulated ASCII
Game Length 20 minutes (720 turns max)
Official site of Twelve Hours

Twelve Hours is a coffeebreak roguelike


About Twelve Hours

You and the other heroes must save the villagers from swarms of undead and survive twelve hours (720 turns). There's 3 different weapons with different properties, 5 different enemies with different abilities, and 6 other heroes with different abilities as well.

Although it's technically complete, and can be entertaining to follow the other heros around, it is often possible to survive by hiding indoors and using villagers as meat-shields while the other heroes bust some undead skulls. That wasn't what I was going for, and you miss seeing what the heroes can do, but I guess that's what the other cowardly villagers are trying to do as well. I seemed to get the best score while protecting the priest or hanging with the samurai.

You can move (arrow keys, numpad, or vi keys) and swap your weapon or armor with what's on the ground ([g] or [,]). You should press [?] when you start to get a better idea of what's going on.


  • 5 enemies with unique abilities
    • Skeletons are weak but you never know where one will show up.
    • Zombies are slow but anyone they kill will rise as a zombie.
    • Ghosts can fly over water and move through walls.
    • Vampires can't go indoors but they use equipment and heal when they attack.
    • Lichs can summon skeletons, make themselves fly, and magically increase their stats.
  • 3 different common weapons
    • Swords will decapitate and instantly kill weakened opponents.
    • Spears will counterattack your opponents when they attack you; good for those who get surrounded.
    • Maces can knock opponents back; good for those who are tired of others getting in the way.
  • 6 other heroes with unique equipment and abilities
    • The Fighter has a better weapon and can go into a rage.
    • The Monk can attack multiple times per turn and heal himself but doesn't use weapons or armor.
    • The Priest has holy robes that increase hp and can turn undead and heal others.
    • The Samurai has a katana and can do a circular attack that hits each adjacent opponent. The Samurai will also commit suicide rather than being turned into a zombie.
    • The Slayer starts with a wooden stake (Mr. Pointy) that instantly kills vampires and she heals twice as fast as other heroes.
    • The Wizard can teleport himself and attack others at a distance.
  • A cluttered battlefield and UI.

Screen Shots

decapitate.png monk.png talking.png