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Developer Zzo38
Influences various
Released 2010
Updated 2010
Licensing Public domain, Free Software/Open Source
P. Language QBASIC
Platforms DOS
Interface ASCII
Game Length 100 levels
Official site of 100LEVEL

It is the idea is you have to figure out by yourself how this game works just by playing the game. There is no document what keys does what, and so on, except for save/quit.

I can tell you some of the functions of this game are inspired from other games, including some other roguelikes, some other computer games, and even some card games (I mean games with ordinary deck of cards, not the games using special decks or TCGs/CCGs/PCGs). But I will not tell you which ones.

You would certainly have to figure out the following, because you are not told:

  • What the keys do (you are told only the save/quit key) (I suggest pushing various keys to see what happens)
  • What the potions do
  • What the spells do
  • What the status indicators do
  • How the scoring works (if you figure it out, you might then be able to improve your score)
  • What the game modes do
  • The rules of the game and special cases of them (even if you think some thing works one way, you might not be entirely correct, there might be another case you might try, so you can see if that case works same or differently than you would expect)