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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Attila 'Wini' Adorján
Theme D&Dish stock fantasy
Influences ADOM
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C Sharp
Platforms Windows Phone
Interface Touchscreen, Tiles
Game Length 2+
Official site of AGOW
AGOW is a coffeebreak roguelike

This page is under construction and needs to be initialized with the development details.




Classes and races


Demons are really bad and evil. Also, their simple presence can harm us (causes bleeding, and various status effects with aura like fear, etc...).


Elementals are lives their peaceful life on another realm. We can summon them. Which they hates. They are generally receives 1/2 phisical damage, immune to bleeding and poison, but vulnerable to the opposite elemental damage. Same type damage heals them.

  • Air elemental (no special powers yet)
  • Earth elemental (no special powers yet)
  • Fire elemental (Fire damage aura. So 2 fire elemental will periodically heals each other)
  • Waterelemental (no special powers yet)


Golems are like robots: programmed to do something. They are generally immune to poison and bleeding.

  • Naga (just like in HOMM3: they might have up to 6 weapons)

Living creatures

Like animals and stuff. Generally they have basic regeneration.

  • Human
  • Troll (can't recover from fire damage, accelerated regeneration)


I will fill this up later.

  • Zombie (no special powers yet, however might add some slight poison damage aura)
  • Skeleton (vulnerable to 'Crush' damage, but receives 1/2 'Cut' and 'Thrust' damage)

Attributes and abilities

Attributes like Strength, Vitality, Dexterity, Agility, Speed. The primary attribute concept is the following: A basic human without any class (like a peasant maybe) will have 0 attributes. A fighter will have Strength lvl 2, Vitality lvl 3, etc.. A mage will have Intelligence lvl 3 and etc etc..

Items and spells


  • Randomly generated and infinite environment (Check)
  • Randomly generated items and monsters
  • Fixed rare, unique and collectible items
  • Fixed scenes (towns, villages and boss battles) and random encounters
  • Achivements
  • Online leaderboard