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Developer Tom Kunikowski
Theme Fast (albeit turn-based) paced team arena combat
Influences Various
Released Mar 16, 2014 for 7DRL Challenge
Updated Mar 16, 2014
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows (initially), multiplatform - eventually
Interface Keyboard, mouse
Game Length Short
Official site of Anti-Deratization


Anti-Deratization is a 7DRL combat arena roguelike created for the 7DRL Challenge 2014. You play as a goblin, one among many creatures inhabiting the castle's cellar. Set in a low-fantasy world where the only practical application for magic book is to throw it at enemies.


Unwittingly attracting landlord's attention one day by the creatures of the dungeon proved to be fatal in consequences, as he, convinced rats have infested his property sends out a de-ratization squad to get rid of the issue. The dwellers are now forced to repel invading forces by any means necessary on four increasingly more difficult occasions.


The main focus went into implementing rich AI system. Some of the features:

  • Controlling group of allies
  • Powerful action queue time system capable of resolving simultaneous actions such as double KO's
  • Creatures pursuing out-of-sight opponents
  • Monsters aiding allies in fights
  • Ranged units recovering spent resources
  • Managed group pathfinding

Units and monsters

The dungeon dwellers:

  • Goblin. A fast moving and swift hitting unit with good range of sight, even if a bit squishy. Great at intercepting enemies trying to take down key targets. Player controls one of these.
  • Gnome. Ranged unit, relatively slow but somehow tough, due to never being much of a book worm, gnome starts with only one book to throw, but can pick up multiple additional shall he find some.
  • Orc. Slow, tough and hard hitting unit capable of taking multiple hits before going down. Despite living in a dimly-lit dungeon for decades his eyesight remained sharp, giving him extended field of view

The de-ratizators:

  • Rookie. Typical Warrior's Guild recruit on his first mission on the path to the ultimate glory. Everybody has to start somewhere, right? Moves and attacks at a slightly lower than average rate, but his dumbness made him relatively resistant to damage and not wasting time on boring things like education helped retain extraordinarily perception
  • Knight. A rookie with many rat cellars under his belt. Equipped with a shining armor, knight holds the position of the slowest unit in the roster, but makes up for it with uncanny resistance to conventional damage and years of escorting wheat merchants haven't managed to dull his battle-proven skills.
  • Mage. The mystical madman hurling spellbooks with a surprising accuracy for someone who devoted so much time writing them in the first place. Years spent in the library have taken toll on his eyesight and wearing robe definitely won't make him a professional sprinter nor invincible to a swing of a zweihander, but he's not to be underestimated. And he's got books to prove it.
  • Scribe. Originally intended as a medieval journalist producing ammunition - books for mages on the spot, scribe prides himself as being the quickest to appear at any place of interest, always taking notes. Packing light hasn't left him much room for defenses, though, deeming him as weak to physical aggression as mage. Fastest unit in the game.
  • Constructor. Leftover from a initial boss implementation, constructor is a extremely weak and slow-moving unit with a twist - years of building contraptions and gizmos made his gesticulation extremely fast and efficient and he has no problem in using his training for more violent purposes.


Originally entitled Sleepy Goblin, ADR was written in under 168 hours over the span of 7 days in Python, making use of the libtcod library. The (modest) development update posts can be found on the page.