Arcan Myth RL

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Arcan Myth RL
Alpha Project
Developer ProvoliK
Theme Fantasy
Released Feb 2, 2010 (0.1)
Updated May 12, 2010 (0.2.1)
Licensing Freeware,
Closed Source
P. Language D - Tango
Platforms Linux Debian Ubuntu
Interface ASCII - Keyboard
Game Length ~ 2 hour
Official site of Arcan Myth RL

Arcan Myth Rogue Like is an effort to create an RL game learning the D programming language in the Tango version. The rules of the game are directly inspired to Arcan Myth, a free RPG (pencil and paper) I created with a group of friends in 1997.

The game is in english but, cos I am italian, the web site is in italian.

The game runs on Linux Debian Ubuntu but it was tested also on Fedora. However it may have some color problems with differents console colors configuration.

List of commands

NUMPAD or VIKEYS - Directions            * - Target/analize a creature
? - this help                            E - Equipment
< - up the stairs                        W - Wield/Wear an item from inventory
> - down the stairs                      T - Take off an item to inventory
g - get an item from ground              Q - List of quests
s - turn search mode on/off              S - Skill screen, here you can 
i - Inventory screen                         increase some skill
o/c (+direction) - open/close a door     D (+direction) - disarm a trap
p (+direction) - pick the lock of a      R - Rest mode - Resting @ can heal
    door                                     some hp.
d - Drop an item from inventory to       K - Save & quit
f - Fire with a throwing weapon to a     
z - Switch defence mode                  
x - Switch attack mode                   
a - Switch First and Second weapon       
m - Display mini MAP                     


THE RULE: every press on the keyboard is an action or an effort to make one, so one round pass and your enemies have another opportunity to kill you.

DEATH: If you have X hp, you will have to face several probabilities of death under X/2 hp, however if you are very lucky when you have 0 (zero) hp you are dead anyway. For example, if you have 70 hp, probably when you will have less than 35 hp you will be dead.

CLASS AND LEVEL: no class and no level.

SKILLS: the character is based on stats and skills. Stats are five attributes that define the nature of the Character: Intelligence, Dexterity, Constitution, Empathy and Technic; they come from 10 to 16, higher is better. Every skill is strictly connected to one stat and comes from 0 to 12, higher is better.

EXPERIENCE: in order to increments skill you have to collect Increment Points. They don't come to you by killing enemies or creature, but exploring the dungeons: so you visit all the depth you will have more increment points than if you visit an half. If you want to increase some skills from X to X+1, remember that you need (X+1)*10 increment points to do that. However some skills have an higher cost (double, triple or qudruple).