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Alpha Project
Developer Mario Lassnig
Theme Tactical Sci-Fi
Influences Quake 3 Arena
Licensing Free to play
P. Language C++
Platforms Cross platform
Interface SDL GUI
Game Length 5-15 minutes
Official site of ArenaRL


ArenaRL is a tactical sci-fi game that pitches the player in a deathmatch against several AI opponents in randomised arenas. As such, it will be a highscore-based... coffeebreak... roguelike-ish.. thing...

The obvious inspiration is Quake 3 Arena by id Software, and several ideas from Q3A, plus some fresh new ones, are adapted into a roguelike interface:

  • targetting
  • character advancement
  • orientation of movement
  • jumping
  • teleportation
  • respawning
  • non-cheating AI

ArenaRL is also an incubator for a roguelike engine that hopefully can eventually be used by a future sci-fi based exploration (proper) roguelike.