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Developer James Bunnell
Theme Fantasy
Influences D&D, Minecraft
Released 17 Mar 2013
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux.
Interface 3D, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length
Official site of AscentRL

Attempt to navigate your way through 17 floors of this monster infesting, maze of twisting passage and ascend to freedom!


AscentRL is a first-person, 3D roguelike. It is not real-time, but it is also not exactly turn-based. Instead gametime in AscentRL increments only while the player is actively engaged (moving, attacking, waiting, etc). If the player does not provide input, the game waits. This allows the player to consider situations and tactics while attempting to maintain the feel of an action-packed first person style rpg.

AscentRL features 17 floors of procedurally-generated dungeons populated by a vast horde of undead. Along the way, you'll discover attack and defense upgrades to assist you in your quest. Similarly, at each floor ascended, you'll be granted some additional health and endurance.

Monsters with "sight"

One unique quality of AscentRL is that the monsters all truly "view" the world from their perspective. The game renders the world from each monsters perspective and the monsters use this information to attempt to track the player. If you stand behind a chair or altar, that furniture will truly obscure you from the sight of monsters in that room. In the 7DRL release, this feature isn't as apparent as I would've liked, but I hope to expand upon the concept in the future.


Windows, Mac, Linux

Java JRE 7 (or later) is required.




WASD - movement
Mouse to look around
E - use stairs
Q - wait (as long as you hold down the key)
~ - equip map
1 - equip sword
Left Mouse - attack (with sword) or look (at map)