Assault Fish

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Assault Fish
Developer Eben Howard
Theme Fishing and Throwing Exploding Fish
Influences Fishing Sims
Released Mar 16, 2014 (7dRL Edition)
Updated August 2, 2014
Licensing Apache 2.0
P. Language Java 8
Platforms any with a JRE
Interface SquidLib 2.0
Game Length Short
Official site of Assault Fish

Collect fish in a side-view fishing sim! Throw them at enemies in a traditional top-down roguelike view!

A ranged weapons game, throw elementally charged fish at your enemies for fun and profit! The fish will explode on impact and destroy, create, or change your environment!

Your goal is to kill all the elemental men!

This game uses SquidLib 2.0 for all aspects of display and sound.