Asylum Escape

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Asylum Escape
Beta Project
Developer Dan McGrath/Tooth&Claw Games
Theme Darkness, Claustrophobia
Influences Brogue, Claustrophobia, HPLovecraft
Released September 14 2013,
Updated October 10, 2013
Licensing Closed source
P. Language JavaScript & C#
Platforms Windows as of 1.0.0
Interface 2D
Game Length Short/Long sessions
Official site of Asylum Escape

A Roguelike inspired game set in an Asylum. Asylum Escape is a Claustrophobic Minimalistic Roguelike set in an unknown Asylum. The player has nothing but the light of his/her flash light to guide their way through the dark and treacherous corridors of the Asylum which are full of speedy relentess Guards and insane patients. Your objective is to grab as much Intel, scattered around each Depth, before escaping so you can expose the crimes of the Asylum to the world.


You play as an anonymous patient, bent on escape from a strange and terrible Asylum. But before you can escape you must avoid guards, traverse endless corridors, brave the dark and collect evidence to expose the cruelty of the Asylum.


- A coffeebreak-like feel to the game. Pick up and play mentality.

- Feelings of helplessness and panic in the dark.

- Randomly generated 'dungeons' or 'depths'.

- Randomly generated Guards that scour the halls of the Asylum.

- Patients that wander the halls.

- A unique lighting system to give the game a "Stealth" feel.

- Claustrophobic-feel.

- Item gathering.

- No weapons.


The first Alpha release (v1.0) is available here. [[1]].

Version 1.1 is available here : [[2]].