Backwards Gravity

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Backwards Gravity
Developer Elig
Released Mar 14, 2009
Updated Not yet
Licensing Copyrighted to Elig
P. Language C++,curses
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length 7DRL
Official site of Backwards Gravity


Backwards Gravity is a 2009 7DRL by Elig. The game is a partially side-scrolling roguelike, similar to Slashie's MegamanRL and River City Ransom. Each map takes up a single screen, similar to Nethack. In Backwards Gravity, you play a brilliant mathematician who must fix mathematics to save all life. The game was originally planned to have 4 seperate dungeons that had links between each other. It was also going to feature strange and symbolic monsters like "Long division", "cosine", "strange colors" and even "a bird". The weapons were going to be things like "Trigonometry", "an associates degree in mathematics", "college level algebra" and "geometry textbook". None of this was finished before release, however.

The game's controls are somewhat unique. The player can walk on any ".", signifying ground. However, he can press "j" to jump, which allows the player to move over open spaces in a constant upward arc, before falling back down. Since the player can walk on any ".", he can walk on any side of anything. If something is directly above the player when he presses "j", the player will instead drop down. This allows for side-scrolling levels with walkable surfaces on any side of anything.

Elig may update this game in the future.