Bad Transaction

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Bad Transaction
Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer badtransaction
Theme Cyberpunk
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows, OSX, Linux
Interface Tile
Game Length
Official site of Bad Transaction

Bad Transaction is a turn-based roguelike set in a dystopian future. You'll be able to earn money by performing missions which you can use to buy better tech, buy food, or pay off debt. Form a gang, or hire a gang to assist you as you take on dangerous assignments from your operator.

Plot outline

"Listen kid, wake up, you're so jacked up on this tech shit that you can't see straight. OK, now I hate to dump this one on you, but you've got a bomb in your brain, and you just killed a man. Don't worry, every agent has made a bad transaction. Now beat it, I've got your back on this one kid. Trust me." -- The Operator

You've just killed someone, or so you've been told. Frankly the last couple days have been a blur since the implants kicked in, and you're on the long installment plan. Fucking street docs. Now you're on the run, in debt, and in need of a check up.


The year is 2145, and the world is engulfed in darkness. Deregulation's promise of a better tomorrow meant vast wealth for some, and acid rain for the rest of us. Those with the real money left years ago, but their business interests remain on Earth. That's where you fit into this mess.

You're an agent for hire, doing the bidding of some rich Johnny Nobody cruising around in his space yacht, or whatever it is they do off planet. But don't think you'll be phoning up the twenty billion dollar man looking for work; all transactions happen through an operator. It's the operator's job to manage agents in the field, and more importantly it's the operator that makes sure you get paid.

By the books, nice and clean, plausible deniability. That is until some agent jacked up on bad tech comes along and kills someone working for Hon Sui Lee, leader of the most powerful data agency left on Earth. That's what agents call a bad transaction. Have too many bad transactions and you'll become a loose end that needs to be cleaned up by some bounty hunter cowboy. Keep a steady grip, don't overboard on those implants, and you'll do just fine kid.