Block Rogue

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Block Rogue
Stable game
Developer Buzz Monkey Software, LLC
Theme Puzzle, Sokoban, Light
Influences Sokoban, Adventures of Lolo
Released Jan 4, 2011 (1.0)
Updated Jan 4, 2011 (1.0)
Licensing Paid App, Closed Source
P. Language English
Platforms iPhone, iPad
Interface Graphical Tiles, Touch
Game Length Open-ended
Official site of Block Rogue

Block Rogue is not a deep, traditional roguelike game. Instead, it's a puzzle game akin to Adventures of Lolo but with procedurally generated puzzles.

It is available for the iPhone & iPad.

It starts with familiar block-pushing puzzles, but is soon complicated by additional puzzle objects, including rolling boulders, switches, and laser beams.

The goal with Block Rogue was to offset the any feelings of "meaninglessness" by embedding a lot of deep lore into the story, some of it difficult to find.