Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

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Bounty Hunter Space Lizard
Stable game
Developer Stay Inside Games
Theme Sci-fi
Influences Hoplite
Released 2019 Oct 8 (1.0.0)
Updated 2019 Oct 15 (1.0.6)
Licensing commercial
P. Language
Platforms iOS, Android
Interface pixel art graphics, simple animation, touch interface
Game Length short
Official site of Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard (BHSL) is a coffee-break roguelike game. The game has a heavy focus on tactical positioning, making use of edge-screen wrap-around tiles, and modifying the terrain by the use of bombs (which destroy terrain but create impassable flames) and anti-anti-matter bombs (which create destructible flamingos). The game adopts a streamlined character-building system where the player progressively builds basic stats (like health or maximum ammunition) as well as two skill-paths.

You are a lizardperson, despondent. You alienated your friends and family trying to sell Cutcorp Knives through an MLM, your human lover left you to become a veterinarian, and your trip to discover yourself has left you stranded in orbit around a culturally conservative desert planet with few lizardpeople, a poor interwebs connection, and little variety in cuisine. The only way forward? You must play the most dangerous game.


  • Constant saving, so it can be put down and continued any time.
  • 20 levels, with four distinct stages with their own enemies and bosses.
  • Intuitive tap- and swipe-controls for iOS and Android.
  • Adorable pixel art.
  • Portrait orientation for stealth playing.
  • A narrative wherein the player takes the Lizard through a crisis of self.
  • No XP, no upstairs, no automatic regeneration, no grinding/farming.
  • Destructible terrain (wall destruction, impassable flames, flamingos).
  • "Friendly fire" as a strategy to get enemies to kill each other.
  • Distinctive, Pac-Man style wrap-around edges that make tactical positioning more interesting.


The gameplay feels similar to the same tactical, single-screen gameplay of Hoplite, but it employs very different mechanics.