Buntlys Quest

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Bunltys Quest
Alpha Project
Developer Tyler Hasman
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM
Released Yes
Updated Yes
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C# with XNA Frame Work 4.0
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphic Tiles
Game Length Medium
[ Official site of Bunltys Quest]

Buntly's Quest is a original roguelike game. It contain few features as it is in alpha. Currently you can move, fight and had basic lighting


Currently there is only 1 level. It contains a dungeon, 1 monster and 1 villager. You can pick up and place down torches.


To fight a enemy all you do is touch it to begin the brawl. The combat damage is decided like this: random((int)(((int)str* 1.5) - (def - (level)))) Random number from 0 to Strength * 1.5 - (Def - Level)


Buntlys Quest 1.0

XNA Framework 4.0