Castle Dungeon

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Castle Dungeon
Stable game
Developer Golden Hammer Software
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue
Released Jan 24, 2012 (v1.0)
Updated Jan 24, 2012 (v1.0)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Java
Platforms Kindle
Interface 2D, tiles
Game Length 20 random levels
Official site of Castle Dungeon

Castle Dungeon is the first roguelike for eInk Kindles.


Castle Dungeon is a simple roguelike with graphical tiles. It runs on all Kindle 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation devices except for the Kindle Touch.

Each level is a randomly generated set of rooms, and each room is a randomly generated environment similar to a Rogue level. The difficulty of the monsters and the quality of the equipment increases with each level. There is no health regeneration or hunger. Health can only be increased by killing enough monsters to reach the next level, or by drinking potions which are random drops.

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