Choose your own CaveVenture

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Choose your own CaveVenture
Beta Project
Developer MadZab Gaming
Theme Horror, Exploration
Influences Collossal Cave Adventure
Released Jan 12, 2014
Updated Apr 20, 2014
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Text Descriptions, Keyboard
Game Length short
Official site of Choose your own CaveVenture

Choose your own CaveVenture is a coffeebreak roguelike

Choose your own CaveVenture is a small roguelike that uses a choose-your-own-adventure interface for you to interact with the game world.

You are a person who has fallen into a cave and must find a way out before the creatures living in the cave get you.

Choose your own Adventure

  • Easy to use interface with all options visible.
  • Rich descriptions of what you see and hear.
  • Emergent narrative.

Roguelike mechanics

  • Procedurally generated cave.
  • Randomized magic effects.
  • Deadly monsters with individual behaviour.
  • RPG-style combat system.
  • Permadeath.

Exploration and interaction

  • Cave with different features and interactions.
  • Shrines, potions and amulets with mystery effects.
  • Variety of creatures to encounter and fear.
  • Useful equipment for different play-styles.

Survival in the depth

  • Find some kind of weapon!
  • Do not die of dehydration!
  • Run away from the tougher monsters, using the terrain to your advantage!
  • Listen to what you hear from adjacent chambers of the cave!

Planned features in the future

  • More depth.
  • More monsters.
  • NPCs.
  • Boss monsters.
  • Audio-version with screen-reading and voice-command, so you can play hands-free with a head-set.

New features are added with each update! For Windows systems.