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Alpha Project
Developer User:Tivec
Theme Post-apocalyptic
Influences Dwarf Fortress, UFO: Enemy Unknown
Released 21 Feb 2012 (0.2.0 alpha)
Updated 21 Feb 2012
Licensing GPL (Soon!)
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Game Length
Official site of Cinders

Hey, thanks for taking a look! If you want more news, head over to the blog on this link: [1]

Planned Features

  • A large, randomly generated world to explore and reclaim.
  • Many different resources to harvest and gather.
  • Tactical battles with destructible buildings and terrain.
  • Detailed construction of bases and outposts.
  • Randomly generated names for soldiers and base inhabitants.
  • Scavenge resources from ruins of destroyed cities.
  • Turn based battles against aliens and other creatures.
  • Research more advanced technologies to reclaim the world.
  • And much much more...


Currently in development, an early tech demo is available on the website

Inspiration and Gameplay

Inspiration to this game came from several games. The old X-Com series is a major influence, and so is Dwarf Fortress. Cinders will take place in a near future after the world has been devastated by invading aliens. What remains of humankind has hidden away in bomb shelters and evacuation vaults. The great cities of the world were leveled to the ground, and what technological breakthroughs human kind has achieved are all but lost.

The player will take charge of one of these shelters and expand it to drive out the invaders. For this, there is a great need of people, technology and resources, and a big part of the game will be to secure this.

There will be three tiers to the game play. The world level game play will be mostly about exploration and securing ground through construction of outposts and mines. Then there is the base level game play in which the player can decide on the base layout and what structures to build there. Finally, there is the tactical game, where you fight the aliens and their beasts.

I intend to make most of the game real time, with an exception of the tactical layer. If you decide to jump into the battle and take command yourself, the fighting will be turn based. You have the decision of leaving the battles to your squad leaders - but of course, you will probably get better results if you step in to fight the battles yourself. Should you let them fight, the battle will be simulated.


Cinders is currently developed by one person, Tivec, and is being coded in Python using Libtcod as base.