Claw and Sword

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Claw and Sword
Defunct Game
Developer fmunoz
Theme Fantasy
Influences Team Angband
Released 30 October 1999 (000) ({{{relver}}})
Updated 6 February 2000 (002) ({{{updver}}})
Licensing Open source
P. Language C
Platforms Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length Tech demo
Official site of Claw and Sword

Claw and Sword is lost unfinished roguelike game. It had three releases and still no combat. In last version game had cave and maze generation implemented plus debug mode available. Debug mode allowed to make creature a puppet and command it directly. However, contol over player character was not released so it was necessary to watch which monster turn it is.

On home page there were design documents about human and troll races. The latter contained an interesting idea about berserkers. Trolls do not live long but sometimes one of them will be unable to die naturally. They feel increasingly greater and greater pain over time. This renders them totally mad. Those trolls generally attack anything that moves in fury and die in battle but a rumour tells that far in mountains is a lone berserker about hundred years old.
Their racial item was a cow-hide shield.

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