Cracks and Crevices

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Cracks and Crevices
Alpha Project
Developer Stu George
Theme Fantasy
Influences Underdark
Released 2007 Feb 24
Updated 2010 Sep 18
Licensing GPL
P. Language C
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Graphical ascii tiles, Keyboard
Game Length short
Official site of Cracks and Crevices

Cracks and Crevices is a graphical ascii roguelike game written by Stu, using SDL. It takes ideas from my other roguelikes like UnderDark and SRL.

The originally idea was to keep things simple in order to create an actual working game instead of a huge mountain of ideas that never get implemented or see the light of day.

Its designed to not be so hardcore as NetHack and Crawl but not be as easy as Larn. It does provide help for the beginner and cue's when the game starts.


Cracks and Crevices is about life in the small village of Danforths Outcrop, hewn into the rock at an opening to a large crevice. The game starts with you, a young person of the village on the verge of your adulthood test, which is to survive two days in the labyrinth of the crevice before you will be allowed back into town. Only the strong survive to increase the strength of the village, and if you survive you will be allowed back into town, there you can explore or re-enter the labyrinth or take up some quests offered by the town clerk.


  • Semi real-time gameplay
  • Facing FOV
  • Stackable spell / weapon system
  • Magic System based on MP that regenerates over time or by wielding/wearing mage type items
  • Weapons, Potions, Spell books, mushrooms, rings, armor, shields, etc
  • No preset classes or skill systems. Development of @'s class is up to the player.
  • Customer key configuration
  • Message Logs
  • Character dumps
  • Save / Load
  • Permadeath
  • Working towns (shops, inns, banks, etc)
  • Special NPC's

Time and Modes

Cracks and Crevices uses semi-realtime to set the game play. There is an Easy / Medium / Hard mode of play.


  • Easy mode gives you 3 seconds to make a move before you loose your current turn and all the monsters get to move.
  • More Money to start the game with
  • Circular FOV


  • 1.5 seconds per move
  • Facing directional cone FOV


  • 1/2 second per move
  • Facing directional cone FOV

Class System

There is no preset class system or skill system in the game, but it does implement 'Instant Fuzion' game system underneath, there are stats and skills. It is left up to the player to choose the direction of development, if they want to focus on pure melee fighter type or mage type or something in between. There is no restriction on wielding swords and casting spells at the same time. There are pros and cons to each and heavy armor may not be the best choice for a spellcaster...

Current Status

0.5 has many changes over 0.4 (not the least is the implementation of Instant Fuzion), for a more complete changelog see the Changelog.

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