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Developer Gornova
Theme Fantasy
Status Finished
Released 28 April 2015 (v1.0)
Updated 28 April 2015 (v1.0)
Licensing MIT
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows
Interface keyboard
Game Length 15 minutes
Official site of CryptoRl


Adventure into a dark cave world alone and fine your way back yo your home city, Kelmera!

CryptoRl is a old-style roguelike with few levels and a lot of roguelike fun.


  • random generated caves: a new adventure every level!
  • 3 type of monsters, with 3 different behaviours (attack you on sight, wandering, flee if too weak)
  • 3 items to keep you alive
  • run for 5 caves and return to Kelmera!


In CryptoRl you are an elf alone in a cave, in order to return yo your city, Kelmera, you have to explore 5 caves.