Cult: Awakening Of The Old Ones

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Cult: Awakening Of The Old Ones
Alpha Project
Developer David Hagar
Theme Fantasy, Lovecraftian, Freeform, Procedurally-generated world
Influences Dwarf Fortress, Darklands, Elder Scrolls, many more
Released Tentative 2013
Updated 29/6/2012 - .31 Alpha
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Porting tentative for Mac and Linux
Interface Mouse-based, keyboard
Game Length Unknown
Official site of Cult: Awakening Of The Old Ones

What is Cult?

Cult is an open-ended role-playing game set in a user-generated world with a strong focus on storytelling, exploration, and environmental interaction.It is about exploring a richly fleshed-out fantasy world unique from any other, with procedurally generated stories, myths, legends, civilizations, creatures, gods, and - well, basically everything! Cult is one part role playing game and one part experiment into the possible depth of procedural generation.


  • Custom-tailor the life story and personality of your adventurer, or let the game randomly create it for you.
  • Explore dungeons and hunt for loot, artifacts, and powerful spells in traditional roguelike fashion.
  • Build a house, a castle, or even a city. For larger projects, you'll need to hire companions (or convert minions).
  • Craft everything from weapons and armor to furniture and food. Use it to outfit your personal entourage or army, or trade it away for riches.
  • Establish yourself as a local power. Eventually, you could become a political player, the leader of a powerful religious sect, or even a king.
  • Wander the world and discover civilizations with vastly different cultures, governments, and traditions. Hunt or tame fantastical creatures that are nothing like anything you've ever seen on Earth!
  • Revive banished gods from their hiding places within ancient ruins and harness their forbidden power for your own purposes.

Updated Status

Cult is no longer being developed by the author and the official homepage is no longer there.