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Alpha Project
Version 0.0.2a
Developer Ruben van der Leun
Theme Dungeon Hack & Slash
Influences Roguelikes
Released 28th September 2009
Updated 28th September 2009
Licensing Freeware
P. Language PHP, Javascript
Platforms Web-based, requires javascript
Interface Ascii, Mouse
Game Length Infinite
Official site of ggRogue


ggRogue is a browser roguelike, focused on delivering a fairly cliche, but enjoyable dungeons Hack and Slash that can be played on the go and during quick breaks. It is completely web-based, everything is controlled via the mouse. You login, create a character and are immediately dropped in a dungeon, ready to face the danger within. Your savegame is updated continually. If you log out and come back at a later time, your savegame will be right where you left off.


Right, let me explain a bit what ggRogue is all about. First off, for the past few weeks, I had been learning more and working with AJAX for a web-based project and became very interested with the possibilities that it was offering. Second, I'm a regular user of iGoogle and also wanted to learn a bit on how the gadgets work. Third, I wanted a game that I could always play in iGoogle during a quick break or when I'm waiting for someone. I had been looking for one, but couldn't find one, so I decided that it'd be best if I would build it myself. Finally, I wanted to have a game that I could easily build without worrying too much about graphics. And thus, ggRogue was born.



Just a small update. Been doing some work on getting the walking part just right, and now have a working prototype to implement in the game. It's far from what I want in the end, but it's a good start. Hopefully, I can upload a new version within a week.


Received some nice feedback so far, cheers for some of the responses. Next two features that I'd like to implemnt is resting(pretty minor option), as well as actually letting the player move the @ around on the tiles(major feature).

30-09-2009 (Version 0.0.2a update)

Tried to lower the difficulty as much as possible to the point that it may even be too easy now, if you upgrade your character well enough. Currently considering adding a simple instructions screen at the start, as well as allowing everyone to make use of some of the debug features that I'm using, like instant health and such.


Right, first thing on the list: Difficulty. I'm going to adminster a quick fix to solve the terrible difficulty that's present at the moment.


And due to a deadline of a project, I was unable to spend time on this. However, now about a month later, I've implemented a simple monster and item list, and am gearing this one up for an alpha release. Just need to build a simple page with instructions, and then I'll open 'er up as an open alpha.

And it's open. Feel free to try it out. Leave any potential comments on the discussion page.


And character generation and death works. Both are pretty simple. Building a new character will just give you a character with preset statistics, and death only gives you an option to restart. That's right, the game is built to be in "Ironman Mode". You die, that's it.

Now all that's left is to fill the monster and item list, and then I'll open the game up for alpha. Don't expect a well-balanced game or varied gameplay. At best, call it a proof of concept.

Also quickly added a simple way for health to be upgraded by awarding an extra hitpoint for every 100 XP.


Just had a quick break in-between work, so I quickly implemented the necessary code to spawn items. With that, the dungeon generation algorithm is actually quietly finished for now. The monster/item lists just need to be filled with the proper challenge/loot. I'll likely do some brainstorming during lunch hour, and start working on the death system in the mean time.


Rooms are now created, may want to change the UI a bit to reflect this better. Monster spawning works as well, just need to populate the monsters list. But first, I'll add the code for item spawning.


Just finished implementing the code for using stairs. When entering a new, unexplored level, a new level is built. And yes, you can also go back upstairs. Everything that you left in there(items, monsters) is stored. Next stop is adding rooms, monsters and items to the level creation algorithm


Progress has been going pretty well. Most of the important features that I need are implemented, and I'm currently focusing on a simple dungeon-generating algorithm. Once I've got that done, the focus will shift on completing some needed features, and I'll likely go into a playable Alpha. Most of the stuff in there will likely evolve, like the character system and combat system.

Currently implemented

  • Walking around
  • Combat
  • Inventory
  • Character system
  • Health upgrade
  • Skills upgrade
  • Moving from one level to the next
  • Random dungeon algorithm
  • Account/Character creation
  • Death
  • Monster list
  • Item list

Currently being worked on

  • Resting
  • Actually walking around on tiles

Features that I'd like to implement later

  • Ranged combat
  • Magic spells
  • Improved item spawning
  • Inventory encumbrance
  • A proper character system with classes/skill
  • Leaderboard
  • Dead PCs added as undead characters in dungeons



Character screen

Inventory screen