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Ghostbusters Ascii
Alpha Project
Developer Zeus3rd
Theme Ghostbusters Universe
Influences Ghostbusters Activision (C64) [1]


Released v0.3.0.4 May 2011 (Alpha)
Updated v0.3.0.4 May 2011 (Alpha)
Licensing Shareware,
Open Source (BSD)
P. Language Python libtcod
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length
Official site of Ghostbusters Ascii


Inspired by two great historical games of the past, Ghostbusters Ascii is a Business/Tactical-Game with elements of both the C64 game "Ghostbusters Activision" and the "X-COM" series by Mythos Games and MicroProse.

You control a Ghostbusters franchise within a large city where more and more ghost sightings of many shapes and sizes are being reported to local authorities every day. It is well known now that this kind of activity leads to powerful beings "visiting" our planet. It's up to you to defend the earth from annihilation in true Ghostbusters style!

But wait, it's not that simple. The Ghostbusters Headquarters in New York don't give out nuclear accelerator powered equipment to just anyone for fear of the powerful technology falling into the hands of the military so you must research and develop your own equipment. The local church groups, insurance agencies, environmental protection groups and pro-ghost cults are more than likely against you. Resources are slim, the world is in danger of being obliterated and your new employees are untrained and equipped with explosive nuclear reactors... so who you gonna call?


Development under way again, see website ( for latest information

Please put any questions on the forum:

This is a personal non-profit project so naturally it will be a bit slow without support, feedback and motivation.


This is a list of features planned for the game (but not necessarily in place yet):

  • Employees
    • Every Ghostbuster you hire is an individual with trainable skills
    • Employees can be hired/fired when needed, must be paid regularly and kept happy (or they will quit)
    • Individual equipment can be assigned to each employee so each vehicle contains a team of busters suited to particular enemies or a wide range of enemies
    • Employees research, construct and maintain equipment, vehicles and base when not busting.
  • Equipment
    • Research
    • Manufacture
    • Maintain
    • Buy/Sell
  • Vehicles
    • Buy/Sell an arsenal of vehicles
    • Customize equipment, assigned employees, names and other attributes
  • Enemies
    • Research captured specimens so new equipment can be researched to combat bigger and badder enemies
    • Sell captured specimens to the public to raise public support and knowledge (but hope the military don't get their hands on them)
    • Enemies appear depending on which boss is attacking your city
    • 3x categories of enemies: Ethereal (Ghost), Corporeal (Zombie) and Slime
    • Fight demi-gods and inter-dimensional monsters determined to destroy the earth
  • Events
    • Cause too much damage during capture attempts and your employees will be arrested or company sued
    • Have an inadequately safe base and you'll be shut down by the authorities
    • Become too popular and successful and the pro-ghost cults and religious fanatics will hinder your efforts
    • Sell to the greedy military and you might have more problems on your hands than simple spook patrol
    • Run out of money and your company will go bankrupt