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Tom Simmons
Alias Gravecat
Games SUDD
Nationality British
P. Languages C, C#, C++, PHP, Python, Perl, Forth, BASIC, Java
Official site of Tom Simmons

Tom Simmons, also known as Gravecat: Paranoid, neurotic, misanthropic, pessimistic, cynical, eloquent, alcoholic, vitriolic, acerbic, and would-be future creator of the world's largest paperclip sculpture. My goals in life include world domination, buying a really cool hat, and figuring out a way to travel back in time in order to warn myself to not eat that potato salad. 28 and pitifully clinging to the "20-something" monicker, living alone sans a family of dust bunnies and various cultures of mold growing in unwashed mugs, and hopelessly addicted to the dream of someday exceeding the boundaries of reality and becoming a demented genius of a mad scientist.

I've been playing roguelikes since I first picked up a copy of Moria on a dodgy 3.5" floppy from a suspicious-looking middle-aged man reselling freeware games at a market stall. It wasn't long until I branched out into Angband and NetHack -- always more a fan of the former, truth be told -- and from there, dozens of others. It's been my lifelong dream to build a city-destroying robot, discover the secrets of time travel, and make a roguelike of my own, and hopefully SUDD will be the realization of at least one of those goals. That, or like many other roguelikes, it'll never get finished and people will forever wonder if it might have actually been kinda fun to play.

Hey, I can always dream.