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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Gravecat
Theme Sci-fi, Fantasy
Influences Angband, ToME, Crawl, Warhammer 40,000, Final Fantasy
Licensing Closed source, Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Sudd

Sudd (formerly known as Remnant Core) is a roguelike currently in development, and will not be available to the public for quite some time. A public beta is planned for release when the game is more complete, but until then, a number of currently implemented and working features are listed below.


  • Gritty sci-fi/fantasy theme, featuring everything from axe-wielding orcs and slavering undead to mechanical terrors and automatic rifles.
  • Both Sudd and its heavy-lifting utility library Fargo were written completely from scratch in C++ specifically for this game alone, with no external libraries aside from NCurses/PDCurses and some low-level system-specific components. It even has built-in debugging, scripting and data-gathering tools, all crafted entirely by hand! Because of this, Sudd isn't like any other roguelike you'll see.
  • Will be available as both Windows and Linux binaries (with OS X support eventually), though the source-code remains closed so many of Sudd's mysteries are hidden.
  • All the usual mechanics one would expect from a roguelike! Permadeath, random level generation, both static and dynamic levels, intelligent monsters, a town level with vendors and a casino, and so on.
  • Multiple keysets supporting arrow keys, numeric keypad, and vi-style ("roguelike") input, as well as options to roughly mimic Angband, NetHack, Rogue, and Crawl.
  • Underneath your gear, you’re still just human: Heavily gear- and skill-focused gameplay which eschews classes and traditional levelling in favour of a more freeform, dynamic system. Character skill and player ingenuity play a large role in success or failure, and there's no classes to be locked into; with a little luck and a lot of patience, one determined hero could master every art in the game.
  • Fully integrated time and dynamic weather system, which directly affects the challenges the hero will face. Evil forces extend their influence further at night, while certain kinds of creatures favour differing weather conditions in overworld areas. Even beneath the surface, the day and night cycle affects your fate in a more subtle way.
  • A blend of melee and ranged combat, including weapons that can fire in any conceivable direction (not merely limited to the eight cardinal directions) with a targeting system that can target either mobile creatures or specific fixed points on the map. In-depth combat system featuring dual-wielding, mis-fires, weapon jams and backfires, ricochets, destructible scenery, and more!

Planned Features

  • No magic system, instead the paths of cybernetics and bionics will be available to players: Cybernetics (replacing or augmenting existing body parts) will act as a more traditional magic system with fuel cells providing a power pool, while bionics (surgical or genetic manipulation) provides great power at the expense of vitality, with the hero's health pool being used directly to fuel abilities.