Hokuto no Rogue

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Hokuto no Rogue
Alpha Project
Developer Alessio Carotenuto
Theme Science Fiction (post apocalyptic)
Influences Fallout
Released 2008 Feb 18
Updated 2012 Mar 17 (0.6.0 prealpha)
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Java
Platforms platform independent
Interface Graphical, Keyboard
Game Length Long
Official site of Hokuto no Rogue

Hokuto no Rogue is a graphical rogue-like game set in the world of Hokuto no Ken (aka Fist of the North Star, Ken il Guerriero, Ken le Survivant).


The game is written in pure Java and features special moves, music, special graphics effects and allies.

System requirements

The game requires JAVA 6 or better version.

Plot overview

The prologue of Hokuto no Ken informs us that the world was engaged in a global nuclear war in the year 199X. After the war, the earth's surface became devoid of vegetation, the seas evaporated and civilization was thrown into chaos, turning everyday life into a battle for supplies of uncontaminated food and water, where the strong survive by preying on the weak. However, one man vows to make a difference. Kenshiro is the successor of the art of Hokuto Shinken, a deadly 1,800 year-old assassination style that is only passed down from one master to a chosen son. Kenshiro uses his skills and knowledge to protect the innocent from the bloodthirsty gangs that threaten their survival. Throughout the course of the series, Kenshiro meets several allies and rivals, most of whom are also trained in various martial arts styles. (from Wikipedia)

List of attacks

Standard Attacks

  • PUNCH: Basic attack.
  • KICK: Basic attack.

Hokuto attacks

Every Hokuto Attack has a certain chance to cause the explosion of internal organs in the body part hit. This chance varies greatly based on the character attributes value, the experience level and the proficiency level attained in the Attack.

  • HOKUTO GO NO KEN (Hokuto Powerful fist): Due to the powerful impact, this blow can knock back the opponent.
  • HOKUTO HYAKUFOU ZAN (Hokuto Lateral blows from the 100 directions): The character hits every opponent around him with a spinning blow.
  • HOKUTO SHICHI SEI TEN (Hokuto Fist of the seven stars of death): A blow which aims only to the explosion of a specific body part.
  • HOKUTO RAKAN GEKI (Hokuto Guardian King Arhat strike): Multiple hit attack, based on speed.
  • HOKUTO HYAKURETSU KEN (Hokuto 100 Destroyer Fists): A quick hail of blows and a Powerful fist in the end.

Nanto attacks

Every Nanto Attack has a certain chance to cut the body part hit.

  • NANTO KOSHU KEN (Nanto Lone Eagle Fist): A blow which aims only to the amputation of a specific body part.
  • NANTO SENSHU RYU GEKI (Nanto 100-Headed Dragon attack): A multiple hit attack. A serie of lightning-quick piercing strikes.
  • NANTO GOKUTO KEN (Nanto Tearing strike of Hell): Cuts the muscles of an opponent forearms and thighs.
  • NANTO SUICHO KEN (Nanto Flight of the Water Bird): Strikes the opponent in mid-air.
  • NANTO HIEN RYUBU (Nanto Flying dance): The character literally cuts through the opponents, piercing their bodies.

List of techniques

  • HOKUTO NISHI SHINKU HA (Two-finger grip of Emptiness): Catches arrows from mid-air and sends them back to the opponent who shot them.
  • MUSO TENSEI (Reincarnation through the Nothingness): Creates uncountable copies of the character body so that opponents cannot determine the character's real position anymore. The tecnique is activated when an opponent tries to hit the character. The character doubles himself in illusory copies and shifts through them, moving behind the opponent.
  • KAZAN KOGAI KOHO (Tecnique of the Steel Armor of Mount Hua): Makes one's own muscles harder than steel.
  • SUIEISHIN (The spirit reflection): Gives the character the ability to learn attacks and techniques from other martial arts school.
  • GOSHI RETSU DAN (Devastating fury of the five fingers): Intercepts an opponent's fist attack and hits the fingers, exploding them.

List of skills

  • KI HEALING: Uses KI to heal wounds.
  • STEAL: The character is able to steal objects from other characters.

List of perks

  • BLINDNESS:The character sight range is reduce to one square (the immediate surroundings) and the combat rolls 'to hit' are halved (unless he has the 'Danger Sense' perk)
  • DANGER SENSE: Opponents concealed - behind walls, for example - are always visible to the character.
  • FASTER HEALING: The character healing factor (based on Endurance) gains a +2 bonus.
  • KI VAMPIRE: After killing an opponent, the charater regenerates 2 ki points (instead of the standard 1)
  • MONK: Attribute boosting through the use of concentration has a ratio of 1:2 instead of 1:1 (That is: 1 point of Concentration boosts the attribute 2 points, instead of the normal 1 to 1 ratio)
  • SURVIVOR: The character has a +50% bonus to resist thirst.
  • POOR: The character starts with no objects in the inventory (except common clothes).
  • INVERTED HEART: The character's tsubo pressure points are harder to locate than for a normal human. When an opponent tries to hit the character's pressure points, he has a -50% less probability to land a succesful fatality.
  • FAST FOCUS: The character is able to focus his concentration instantly. Thus, attributes boosting through Concentration is immediate and needs not the standard two turns before activation.
  • MEDIC: Doubles the healing effect when using bandages.
  • SCOUT: Doubles the sight and the speed in wilderness.

List of tsubo

  • DOMEI: If damaged, the victim becomes blind.
  • ZUSETSU: If damaged, the victim loses memory and forgets who are his enemies.
  • TOI: Cause death in 3 seconds.
  • KYOMEI: Explodes hands.
  • KENMEI: Remove blindness.

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