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Alpha Project
Developer LukeSchubert
Theme Fantasy
Influences Angband (plus variants), Kingdom Hearts, Battle of Wesnoth
Released Feb 26, 2009 (0.1.0)
Updated Jul 31, 2012 (0.1.16)
Licensing GPL
P. Language Python
Game Length
Official site of Ighalsk

An all-new roguelike, written in Python, released as open-source software under the GPL. Will feature:

  • Both randomly-generated and hand-crafted levels;
  • Monster, level, item and profession editors.

Current Features

  • Monster editor to simplify the job of creating new monsters.
  • Level editor for creating hand-crafted levels (basic functionality).
  • Choose from a Mighty, Philosophical, or Blessed Hero.
  • Three different starting quests with distinctly different monsters:
    • The Tunnels of Lost Dreams;
    • The Necropolis of Zezun;
    • Arachnaxos.

See also the Ighalsk blog.