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Developer Davian Black
Status alpha
Released January 2013
Licensing Free to play
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Plays in web browser
Interface 2D graphical tiles
Game Length
Official site of Morf

Version: Alpha

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Step into the shoes of Morf the slayer of all kinds of things that lurk deep in the bowels of the earth.

In this Roguelike with a difference you are a hero in search of a lost treasure, scouring every corner of monster-infested dungeons and collecting powerful items along the way. When Morf vanquishes a foe, he has the ability to take on the form and abilities of the slain creature.

Morf has four individual item slots for equipping weapons, armor, trinkets and consumables. Every slot has a unique function: Weapons provide elemental damage, Armor provides elemental resistance, Trinkets can be used (if the player has sufficient Mana) in different and interesting ways and lastly, Consumables may be consumed to provide temporary bonuses.