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Necklace of the Eye
Library project
Developer Z
Released Jun 20, 2010 (1.0)
Updated Oct 25, 2016 (8.4)
Status Stable
Licensing GNU General Public Licence
P. Language C++, Lua (includes samples in Python, Java, D, and Pascal)
Platforms Windows, Linux, OSX
Dependencies SDL, OpenGL, PDCurses, LuaJIT
Official site of Necklace of the Eye

NotEye (Necklace of the Eye) is a frontend for playing roguelikes. It works with ASCII applications which use the system console for the UI (thus, it does not work with roguelikes which are also ASCII, but are implemented with e.g. SDL). Since 5.0 it also supports libtcod 1.5.1 roguelikes. It provides the following functionality:

  • Tested under MS Windows and Linux
  • Show the game using a tile, First Person Perspective (FPP), or Isometric display
  • Display the roguelike just like it would be displayed in DOS, using the correct font, colors, and full screen (note: if you need only this feature, you might also use the simpler utility cons2tcod)
  • Move your character using mouse
  • Sound effects based on the ingame messages
  • Font selection
  • A menu from which you can choose one of several games to play
  • Take screenshots in several formats: BMP (image), HTML (for webpages), and phpBB (used by for many kinds of online forums)
  • Lua scripting, allowing lots of flexibility in adapting NotEye to new roguelikes, giving additional features to the game (e.g., automatic creation of characters), or even creating new roguelikes in NotEye
  • Streaming, that is, recording and viewing videos, and allowing clients to connect to a server to view games or play them.

NotEye also works as a shared library for creating roguelike displays. Even without using NotEye's special graphical modes and other features and using ASCII only, this library has advantages over both Curses (easier handling of arrows, can use 24-bit color, fullscreen in Windows) and libtcod (console output option). See sample.cpp for a sample "roguelike" (a @ moving on screen, actually) for a demo.

Hydra Slayer is included to show the capabilities of NotEye (there is a complete tileset, you can see the game using square or hex tile graphics, first person perspective, and plain ASCII, you can move and switch weapons using mouse). Tile versions of ADOM and PRIME are using NotEye too.

Also simpler configurations are provided for Brogue, Crawl, DoomRL, Frozen Depths, Drakefire Chasm, Top Dog, Rogue, NetHack, NLarn (see the website for details). These include most ground and wall tiles, other things are shown with ASCII. You are invited to provide more complete tilesets for these or other roguelikes!

More features are planned for the future versions. NotEye is constantly in development.

Link to NotEye, screenshots and videos: [1]