Path of Achra

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Path of Achra
Developer Ulfsire
Theme dark fantasy
Influences RiftWizard
Status Stable
Released 2023
Updated 1.0.0, May 7th 2024
Licensing Commercial
P. Language GDScript
Platforms Windows
Interface Graphical tiles, Keyboard, Mouse (limited)
Game Length 1-2 hours
Official site of Path of Achra

Path of Achra

General Description

"Path of Achra" is an evocative dark fantasy roguelike video game that invites players into the haunting and perilous lands of Achra. Developed by the indie game studio Ulfsire and published by Slouching Beast LLC, this game is described as a "broken build sandbox," a term that highlights its deep and flexible character customization system. Released on Steam in early access in May 2023, the game has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews for its innovative approach to the roguelike genre.

Set in a world described as "ancient earth," the game’s narrative thrusts players into the role of a pilgrim, tasked by their god with reaching a mysterious black obelisk—an endeavor fraught with danger and dark allure. Unlike traditional roguelikes which often emphasize a mix of combat and exploration, "Path of Achra" focuses intensely on streamlined, strategic combat, reducing exploration to ensure that the tactical battles take center stage. The maps, while artistically rich, serve primarily as vivid backdrops for the game’s complex, turn-based skirmishes.

The gameplay mechanics in "Path of Achra" are built around triggering massive chains of character abilities under specific conditions, automating complex sequences that players set up through their build choices. This system allows for an intricate layering of strategies where each decision can unleash a cascade of effects in combat, making every encounter a dynamic puzzle. Players are encouraged to experiment with various builds, each influencing the style and outcome of gameplay dramatically.

The uniqueness of "Path of Achra" lies in its embrace of the traditional roguelike elements—permadeath, procedural generation, and turn-based combat—while pushing the boundaries of the genre by automating complex interactions. This approach allows players to engage deeply with the strategic elements of their character's build, focusing more on pre-battle preparation and tactical foresight than on moment-to-moment inputs.

For those interested in a roguelike that combines deep tactical gameplay with a dark, atmospheric world, "Path of Achra" offers a refreshing and challenging experience. Its focus on combat-heavy, strategic encounters and minimal exploration marks it as a standout title in the genre, appealing to both veterans and newcomers alike.

Game Features

  • Roguelike Elements: Classic roguelike gameplay with permadeath, procedural generation, and turn-based combat.
  • Customization: Extensive character customization options to create unique builds.
  • Graphics: Pixel graphics that deliver a nostalgic yet dark atmospheric experience.
  • Singleplayer: A single-player journey through a richly detailed, dark fantasy world.
  • Procedural Generation: Each playthrough offers a new layout and challenges.


The development of Path of Achra began in early 2021 with the aim to blend traditional roguelike mechanics with modern accessibility. The decision to release the game in Early Access was made to incorporate player feedback early in the development process to balance the game and refine gameplay. Ulfsire, the developer, plans to transition the game from Early Access to full release on May 7, 2024, with additional features and content enhancements.


Path of Achra has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam. Players have praised the game's challenging mechanics, depth of customization, and the engaging dark fantasy narrative.

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