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Developer Taylor Vaughan
Theme Humor/Fantasy/Horror
Influences ToME, Brogue, Dungeons of Dredmor, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Oddworld
Status Released
Released July 18, 2019
Updated N/A
Licensing Engine: MIT License, Content: Closed source
P. Language Lua
Platforms Mac, Windows, Linux
Interface Keyboard or Mouse
Game Length Short
Official site of Possession

Possession (formerly called Possession 2) is a traditional turn-based roguelike where you play as a ghost trying to make your way to the surface. You are incredibly frail, but have one advantage: you can possess the bodies of the monsters you encounter, and use their strength and abilities as your own. Hop from body to body as you attempt to make it back to the surface.

Sequel to/remake of the 7DRL Possession: Escape from the Nether Regions. Was originally called Possession 2, but the 2 was dropped during development.


  • Dozens of possessable monsters, from the horrifying to the hilarious, with a wide variety of powers.
  • Special themed levels with unique hazards, creatures and layouts. Level creation is more varied than in most roguelikes.
  • Item-less gameplay. The dead have no need for worldly possessions, they just slow you down.
  • Quick to pick up and play.
  • Entirely playable with just the keyboard, just the mouse, or a combination of the two.
  • Mod support! Add your own creatures, powers and special levels, or change the ones already there.
  • Choice between ASCII or Graphical mode.

More Info

Possession is available to buy on itch.io and Steam. A demo is also available on itch.io.

Source code for the engine is available on GitHub and licensed under the MIT license. It requires the LÖVE Framework.

A version of the engine by the name Roguelove is available. This version of the engine will be updated more features than are used in Possession (such as items), and is again offered under the MIT license.