Pugnacious Wizards

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Pugnacious Wizards
Developer Trystan Spangler
Released 2013 Mar 10
Updated 2013 Mar 16
Licensing Freeware
P. Language ActionScript
Platforms All
Interface Emulated ascii
Game Length 20 minutes
Official site of Pugnacious Wizards

Pugnacious Wizards is a coffeebreak roguelike


About Pugnacious Wizards

Find magic spells, avoid traps, and steal three pieces of the amulet that are defended by wizards.

This was my attempt at making traps and magic more interesting. Most traps are visible and require moving tactically to avoid damage. Avoid their line of fire, take cover behind a pillar, stuff like that. The magic spells have multiple effects and can often hurt you as well.

I also wanted to make the mechanics and play style more obvious. I did this with in game popups and an intro screen that auto plays. It's pretty entertaining and I'm quite proud of it.


  • Traps!
  • Magic!
  • Intro screen! Watch The Hero find new ways to die.