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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer DangerMomentum
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Diablo
Licensing N/A
P. Language Java
Platforms Desktop, Android
Interface Tiles
Game Length 1-2 Hours
Official site of Roggle


Roggle is a traditional roguelike focusing on diverse builds, quick play, and intuitive controls.

In Roggle you will explore The Fracture, a ruined world held together by tenuous magic. Severed chunks of land drift through space, a hollow dystopia far removed from its former glory. The Fracture is a fearsome place filled with warring factions, ferocious creatures, and perilous ledges. The path you walk is up to you, but danger waits in every direction.

Those who still inhabit The Fracture are locked in a vicious struggle, vying for control over the fate of the planet. At the center of the conflict are The Harmonic and The Entropic; once united, a bitter feud has passed the point of no return, and the fate of The Fracture is now at stake. Which side of this desperate struggle will you find yourself on? Will you walk your own path, or pledge allegiance to a cause? Perhaps you will make enemies of them all, and join the ranks of The Exiled...

Roggle is aiming for a late 2016 release. Folllow development at any of these links:

TIGSource - Tumblr - Twitter


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