Rogue Touch

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Rogue Touch
Stable game
Developer ChronoSoft
Influences Rogue
Released Feb 19, 2009 (1.0)
Updated July 9, 2010 (1.52)
Licensing Closed Source,Commercial
P. Language Objective C
Platforms iPhone
Interface ASCII,iPhone
Game Length
Official site of Rogue Touch

(From the Author) - Rogue Touch was developed as a tribute to one of my favorite games when I was younger... the Atari ST version of Rogue, complete with it's mouse interface and ugly graphics! I the project as an excuse to learn Objective-C and iPhone development, and had a great time while doing so. The graphics are a mix of public domain tiles and ones drawn from scratch or modified by me. The code is original, but tries extremely hard to adhere to Rogue conventions at every turn. I did take some liberties and add in new types of items, magical enhancements to equipment (flaming, freezing, shocking, blessed), as well as "secret characters". By typing in certain names when starting a game you gain new abilities and equipment befitting the character in question! Worldwide leaderboards rounded out the package and created some great competition.