Roguelegends: Dark Realms

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Roguelegends: Dark Realms (RLDR)
Alpha Project
Developer Michael Hamm AKA Untrustedlife
Theme H.P. Lovecraft , Dark Fantasy , Cosmic Horror, Lovecraftian Horror
Influences Ultima Ratio Regum, Dwarf Fortress, Call Of Cthulhu, H.P. Lovecraft , Infra Arcana, Overlord
Released August 3rd 2015
Updated May 12th 2021 (And Constant in development builds)
Licensing Free to play (Dev builds require patreon subscription)
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows And Works With Wine On Linux
Interface Ascii, Full Mouse support, Keyboard
Game Length Over an hour
Official site of Roguelegends: Dark Realms (RLDR)


Roguelegends: Dark Realms, is a dark fantasy, cosmic horror Lovecraftian roguelike game with deep lore and heavy amounts of procedural content Page:

It is inspired by the concepts behind the brilliant game : Ultima Ratio Regum, and Dwarf Fortress, with the dark fantasy nature inspired directly by the humorous dark fantasy game Overlord, also inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and the table top game "Silent Legions".

It is written in c++ with help from libtcod and is still in development!

The focus of the game is on procedural mechanics and providing procedural exposition to go with it.

"The light from within my eyes poured out. Slithering behind and all around me, bathing in nothing, its joy was like a pulse in a dead body. My body, with the blue blood left, was struggling and contorting to keep me up, but it was cutting under my skin. Deep through my vessels it breaks and scatters itself. I can feel his beat all around me. Behind me, its reach spreads and it comes for me, finds my shoulder, and my neck... The blood from my legs carves my bones and I fall, and they follow. Gasping once, I choke once and my body stops. Nothing of this world can harm me." -RLDR, When I went insane RLDRTitle.png JzqySerjJzqHuui.PNG