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Developer Ondras
Theme Classic
Status Stable
Released October 12th 2011
Updated October 12th 2011
Licensing Open source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms All
Interface ASCII (via HTML5 Canvas), Keyboard, Mouse, Sound (via HTML5 Audio)
Game Length Short
Official site of roguezombies

Roguezombies is a coffeebreak roguelike

Roguezombies is a very simple horror-theme roguelike with ASCII interface, created by Ondřej Žára. There is no Story or objective: you have just to survive by a zombie-invasion as long as you can. The player starts in his house: there are some open entrances and some windows. The player can buy in the shop items (such as barricades) that can help he to kill or protect by zombies. Killing zombies, the player acquires money that can use in the shop.