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Ruoeg, a minimalist roguelike
Developer Santiago Sanchez Sobrino
Theme Fantasy
Influences Legend of Grimrock, The Legend of Zelda
Status Finished
Released May 3, 2013
Updated May 3, 2013
Licensing The MIT License
P. Language C++, PDcurses
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard, Ascii
Game Length Endless
Official site of Ruoeg, a minimalist roguelike

About Game

Ruoeg is a very simple game where you incarnate a warrior and have to go deeper in a dungeon to get the most amount of score possible.


  • 4 different races:
    • Human: Balanced status. This race equates to play in normal difficulty.
    • Elf: Less amount of all status. This race equates to play in very hard difficulty (have fun trying to kill the first enemy).
    • Dwarf: More attack and armor but less healt points.
    • Orc: More amount of all status. This race equates to play in easy difficulty.
  • 3 kind of interactive items:
    • Chests: Grant you with a generous amount of gold (score).
    • Map: Allows you to see the whole map of the floor. Downstairs are displayed too.
    • Compass: Allows you to see the location of chests and downstairs.
  • 8 different kind of enemies:
    • Dragons and Small Dragons.
    • Trolls and Small Trolls.
    • Skeletons and Small Skeletons.
    • Goblins and Small Goblins.

The game is available for Windows. However it can be compiled for GNU/Linux using Ncurses.





The game together the sources can be found at my GitHub page:

Binaries for playing directly are located at: