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Alpha Project
Developer Knight
Theme High Fantasy
Influences Angband, ADOM
Released 2012
Updated 3/23/2012
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Browser
Interface Graphical, mouse driven
Game Length average
[ Official site of Saege]

Saege is a unique game that, while influenced by popular roguelikes such as Angband and ADOM, strives to break free of the typical dive-100-levels-and-retrieve-the-amulet roguelike mold. In Saege, you aren't breaking into a dungeon-- you're breaking out. You wake in a cell with an open door and your task is to climb 100 levels to escape the Dungeons of the Saege. The Saege, an extremely powerful dark magician, is the being who captured you in the first place. You must evade his minions and grow in experience and power as you ascend through his Dungeons. To escape you must engage him in combat using the knowledge and skill you gained through your adventures. Another way Saege is unique is that it has neither gold nor shops (who in their right mind would want to set up a shop in a crazy dark magician's cellar?).

Finally, there are no strictly defined classes; instead, the dungeon decides what you're going to be by what it throws at you. If you find an abundance of weapons you'll probably wind up a warrior. If you find lighter weapons you might end up a rogue; if on the other hand you opt for heavier weapons and armor, you'll probably find yourself a two-handed-sword wielding juggernaut. Finding ranged weapons would make you an archer. Find some spellbooks, staves, wands, and scrolls (in any combination) and you might well end up a powerful spell-enhanced mage.

Saege is currently in an alpha stage. Unfortunately, it must run on a server, so it won't be accessible until the developer uploads it, which may not be for some time.





Working FOV

Basic monster AI

Loads monsters, items, and dungeon features from XML files.

Basic combat system implemented.

Basic targeting system implemented.

Killed monsters drop corpses.

Nice messaging system.

Clean inventory system, with inventory on one side and equipment on the other.

Looking system implemented.

Basic level saving implemented (still needs a lot of work).

Basic potion system partially implemented.

Basic magic system partially implemented -- it's now possible to invent your own spells.

Yet to come:

Full combat system.

The ability to loot monster corpses.

Dungeon generation.

Hunger system.

Fatigue system (possibly).

Lockable/jammable doors.

Experience/levelling system.

Lots of [actually useful] stats.

Buff/debuff system.

...and a lot more!