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Beta Project
Developer Black Shell Games
Theme Medieval/Science Fiction
Influences Diablo, NetHack
Released December, 2012
Updated December 24, 2014
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface Command-line
Game Length Short or Long Sessions
Official site of SanctuaryRPG

SanctuaryRPG is a strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set in a retro ASCII-art world.

Drawing heavy inspiration from both Roguelikes and Traditional RPGs, the game was meticulously designed to offer a truly compelling gameplay experience fused with a robust action-rpg style combat system.

Black Edition builds upon the classic SanctuaryRPG formula with all new procedurally generated artwork, as well as a plethora of areas to explore, races to experiment with, skills to master, and loot to collect. Whether you're a valiant hero or a dastardly villain, the fate of Sanctuary is in your hands.


- Enjoy a blast from the past with retro ASCII graphics

- Travel through vast dungeons with classic roguelike action

- Experience hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay

- Put your strategies to work with a sleek combat system

- Over 160 class and race combinations to experiment with

- Wreck your enemies with over 1400 weapons and armors

- Rock out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack

Black Edition

- 95% of the art has been overhauled by our staff artist, Angel Rodriguez

- More glorious music and revamped tracks from our composer, Rafael Langoni Smith

- Thousands more lines of witty writing from Yixin Li and Dorian Karahalios

- Double the amount of class related perks for character enhancement

- A bigger variety of selectable races for you to experiment with

- Increased amounts of loot and gear variety to collect and hoard

- Double the amount of interactable zones and areas

- A whole new range of affixes on both monsters and items

- More side quests and diversions for you to explore

- Unique mercenaries that you can hire to assist you in battle

- Factions system where you can fight for a faction, opening up a series of new quests

- Wardrobe system where you can equip different wardrobes to customize your abilities and characters

- Imbue system so you can enchant weapons with powerful abilities and wreak havoc on your enemies

- Plenty more diverse mini-games where you can engage in town activities

- Even more advanced enemy AI for a truly engaging combat experience

- Distance mechanics that keeps track of where you are in battle in relation to enemies,


Join our awesome Reddit community! /r/SanctuaryRPG

For press and other inquiries, please send an email to blackshellgames (at) gmail (dot) com or find us on twitter: @blackshellgames.