Seven Day Band

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Seven Day Band
Developer Jeff Lait
Theme dungeon crawl
Influences Angband
Released 2015
Updated 2015 (7drl)
Licensing open source (BSD), freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Graphical tiles (which are of characters!), Keyboard
Game Length up to you
Official site of Seven Day Band


Seven Day Band is a Seven Day Roguelike written for the Ninth Annual Seven Day Roguelike Challenge. Coding on this game ceased 168 hours after it started.

The hardest part of roguelike development is data entry.

So why not give that to the player?

Seven Day Band has the player fill out the dungeon with new monster types, weapons, spells, etc. This both gives an approachable way to build your own branded *band variant, but also serves as a guidepost for teaching my thoughts on game design and balance.

Unique/rare features

  • There is no content! The player has to write it.
  • Hopefully it is fun despite that.

Versions and platforms

Seven Day Band is written in C++ and is available for Windows, Linux. Source code is provided so it may be ported to any platform with libtcod and SDL.

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