Shepherd Slaughter

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Shepherd Slaughter
Stable game
Developer Blindhack Software
Theme Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Dangerous
Influences Nethack, Diablo, Rogue
Released October, 2011 (5.0)
Updated May 30th, 2012 (9.0)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length Medium
Official site of Shepherd Slaughter


Shepherd Slaughter is a real-time roguelike RPG adventure game. The most recent version is r9.

It has a huge generated overworld map with unique locations such as a ghost town, bandit outpost and dragon lair. The land is scattered with rare monsters, unique encounters and ten underground themed dungeons including: Fire, magic, prehistoric, and more. These dungeons each hold one of ten artifact pieces required to gain access to the final fortress.

You can use your tools and weapons to interact with the environment - use your axe to cut through trees, your pickaxe to hack through stone - But careful: large monsters will also tear through obstacles while chasing you! Explore the land's dungeons, each multiple levels deep, containing unique monsters, dungeon features, traps and items. For each dungeon, there is a unique and challenging above ground location that has a dungeon's key. You'll also venture into cave systems with unique treasures, dangers and rewards.

The player's abilities and stats are also improvable through two methods. Either gaining skill points that can be applied through tomes or finding artifact pieces as well as improvement through continued use of the given attribute. If you use an axe all the time, your character will become increasingly proficient with it. (Makes sense, right?)

Finally, an evil fortress must be conquered that contains several final challenges, never before encountered monsters and a HUGE boss fight. Plus there is a tower-defense like survival mode that includes a building system where the player must defend a flock of sheep against waves of enemies.


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Long ago, on an island far past the horizon of the explored seas, lived a peaceful people. Amongst these people was a man, Samuel, who lived quietly with his two children and his beloved wife. The village was protected by a benevolent god, Archioc. Samuel worked tirelessly along side the rest of village, and enjoyed nights of merriment and rest. All was calm, until one day Archioc was confronted by an evil god, one of darkness and plague.

It stalked in the darkest parts of the forests on the island until one night it struck at Archioc. They battled. Lightning, rain, hail, and wind swirled over the skies and the villagers huddled in fear, praying their protector would be victorious.

The skies cleared and Archioc arose victorious, but severely weakened. He limped back into the village and collapsed as the villagers surrounded him in vain efforts to help. Other weaker gods, having once avoided the peaceful island, now gathered on its shores. They swarmed the village, the stronger of them vanquishing the weaker, all battling for control of the peaceful island people's village. They dragged Archioc from the village as he screamed in despair. He was never seen again.

Months passed, and the island's control changed often between gods. Eventually, the most evil of the gods, having heard much talk of this little island, came to the island from the underworld. He slayed the other gods and spoke to the people. He told them they would be ruled by one of his followers and they would pay tribute to him. The people lamented but he left them no choice.

Samuel spoke in whispers to the others, and they formed a plan. There was rumor of an ancient artifact that gave mortals the power to slay gods. The villagers held little hope Samuel could find this artifact, but there was no other option...

Early one morning, Samuel slipped away into the fog, leaving his family. It was said the artifact was scattered in ten pieces on a small island far in the east. Each piece was said to be locked away within a deep dungeon, and each dungeon's key protected by many evils. Samuel found this mystic island after many days. He pushed his boat ashore and stepped on to the beach determined to save his village, his people, his family...

Versions and Platforms

Shepherd Slaughter is supported for Windows and Linux. The most recent version is r9.

Currently, Shepherd Slaughter's source code is available in the Linux version. We encourage any and all modding/improvements. Please contact us if you do so. :]