Six Two One

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Six Two One
Developer Jeff Lait
Theme puzzle
Influences Rubik's Cube
Released 2016
Updated 2016 (7drl)
Licensing open source (BSD), freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Graphical tiles (which are of characters!), Keyboard
Game Length rather short
Official site of Six Two One


The evil arch-lich T'losh has trapped you in a fiendish puzzle; his "Tesseract of Damnation"!

You must find the six words that can free you before your lifeforce runs out.

Warning: T'losh is an evil undead lich! Do not blame me if some of the words are offensive, inappropriate, or not found in your favourite dictionary!

Unique/rare features

  • Navigate the surface of a Rubik's Cube
  • Unscramble words to unlock levels. But if you know your cube, no unscrambling is needed!

Versions and platforms

Six Two One is written in C++ and is available for Windows, Linux. Source code is provided so it may be ported to any platform with libtcod and SDL.

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