Smart Kobold

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Smart Kobold
Developer Jeff Lait
Theme hack & slash
Influences Jacob's Matrix, POWDER
Released 2010
Updated 2010 (002)
Licensing open source (BSD), freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Graphical tiles (which are of characters!), Keyboard
Game Length 10 min to get killed
Official site of Smart Kobold

Smart Kobold is a coffeebreak roguelike


Smart Kobold is a Seven Day Roguelike written by Jeff Lait.

You are a brave adventurer seeking the gold to repay a few minor debts you incurred when last in the city. You have reason to believe that these kobolds hide some of the noble metal in their caves. Gold is, of course, of no use to such vermin. So by recovering it you are doing the economy-at-large (and yourself-in-particular) a great favour.

While you have no ranged weapon or healing potions on hand, experience has taught you that you should be able to acquire what you need from the kobolds. You doubt you'll need a melee weapon upgrade - your sword could kill a kobold five times over with its weakest hit!

The music is Azog's march II, by jice which can be found at the Rogue Bard,

Unique/rare features

  • Amulet of True Sight allows you to scout out terrain.
  • Ring of Searching speeds trap detection.
  • Kobolds in this dungeon are smarter than your average kobold.
  • Non-Cartesian. Rooms do not have to fit on a regular grid.
  • Multithreaded. Display and world calculations are run on separate threads.

Versions and platforms

Smart Kobold is written in C++ and is available for Windows, Linux. Source code is provided so it may be ported to any platform with libtcod and SDL.



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