The Serpentine Caves

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The Serpentine Caves
Alpha Project
Developer Chris Capobianco
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Lost Labyrinth
Released 2012-11-18
Updated 2012-11-20
Licensing GPL
P. Language C++, libtcod
Platforms Linux
Interface Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 15 levels
Official site of The Serpentine Caves


The Serpentine Caves is a simple tile-based, role-playing, rogue-like game with FPS controls. The game is written in C++ and makes use of the libtcod library, and should compile on most 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems. The game also makes use of the FMOD sound library for the background music, which enhances the gaming experience.


Currently only basic actions are implemented, the magic system has yet to be included and none of the the mini-bosses or the final boss have been coded yet. The intended goal is to have a magic system that will enable the player to interact with the cave environment to add a sandbox element, which will be central to progressing through the game.


The emphasis of the game is on exploration, tactical fighting and learning the art of how to run away effectively. Aside from the sandbox magic system, the only other unique features of the game are: permadeath (but the game is saved automatically when the player returns to the world map), and that dead creatures do not drop money.

To gather enough money to buy items or equipment, rest at the inn or take a ferry to an otherwise inaccessible town or temple, the player has to haul the creature hides to town to claim a bounty. There is also a simple economy in the game, so the prices and quantities of items will respond to the player's behaviour, and will also fluctuate in the absence of player interaction with the shopkeepers.


More screenshots can be found in the screenshots folder in the repository.