The Seven Day Quest

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The Seven Day Quest
Developer Glenn R. Wichman
Theme Fantasy, Comedy, Tourism
Influences Rogue
Released 2007 Mar 16
Updated 2007 Mar 17
Licensing freeware
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Firefox, Internet Explorer
Interface Graphical
Game Length unknown
Official site of The Seven Day Quest

The Seven Day Quest was created during 7DRL Contest 2007.

The game follows Rodney as he agrees to try to retrieve the lost Amulets of the Six Real Planets and One Dwarf Planet before the Wentora Tourist Season begins, i.e. in one week.

The game is written Javascript and runs within a browser, so no download is necessary (though the source is available in a zip file for those who are interested).

There are (somewhat klunky) controls that allow you to balance a few key aspects of the game to make it harder or easier.


  • seven themed realms (Cave, Forest, Desert, Castle, Island, Ocean, Dream)
  • "time" limit (actually number of moves limit)
  • automatic save and restore on page load and unload
  • silly messages
  • controls to balance the game