Traction Edge

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Traction Edge
Alpha Project
Developer Mongrol
Theme Steampunk
Influences UFO/Xcom
Released 19th September 2010
Updated 23rd March 2012
Licensing GPLv3
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux
Game Length
Official site of Traction Edge

Traction Edge is top down squad fighting game with roguelike mechanics and a steampunk theme. You choose agents and their equipment for each map then proceed to kill everything on the opposing side. Between levels you can train your agents by spending skill points.


Pulled from the comfortable surroundings of your village constabulary and recruited into a shadowy government agency, you are drawn into an inexplicable mystery of disappearing townsfolk and strange sentient mechanical contraptions. Slowly you uncover a sinister plot that appears to have no aim nor instigators. Who is behind these atrocities in Victorian England? and what is the Traction Edge?


Major Features Implemented

  • Fully destructable terrain
  • Procedural maps
  • XP spend and skill progression
  • Reaction Fire
  • FSM AI Framework


  • Reimplementation of static maps and storyline.
  • Tech tree and research system
  • Item interaction


Traction Edge is distributed as source only and requires cmake and SFML 1.6 to build.