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Stable game
Developer Moomast3r
Theme Fantasy, Multiplayer
Influences None
Released Jul, 2008 (?)
Updated Jan, 2010 (?)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C
Platforms Anything with ssh
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length Open ended
Official site of TwilightMMORL

TwilightMMORL is a multiplayer PvE roguelike-ish played over ssh, with the potential for many players to be playing together at once. It features a large, expansive overworld in addition to randomly generated dungeons. Many Race/Class/Concentration combinations, as well as customizable combat skills allow for unique fighting styles. The diverse set of monsters to fight provides a wide range of gameplay to experience. It is under continual development, but since the client acts only as a dumb terminal, development changes appear in-game with no user interaction required.


Twilight is played in real-time, with each turn lasting 250 milliseconds. Movement and attacking is done with the numpad or vi keys, whilst both equipping and using special items are done with the 'e' key (also covers spells cast from scrolls). Basic auto-attack and auto-travel features are provided. The world map is pregenerated and unchanging between updates, but there is also a special random dungeon to enter where players can compete for high scores.

Connecting to TwilightMMORL

On Unix-like systems, an ssh client is usually provided by default, and the relevant command is:

  • ssh -p 8002

On Windows systems, a client such as PuTTY is prefered.

To connect with PuTTY, simply enter the appropriate hostname and port information, and click Open.

A guide for registering your character and playing the game is provided at the development blog.


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