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Hi, I'm a roguelike dev.

First experience with a roguelike was Hack, which I found accidentally while bored one day, typing random commands into my Uni's Unix terminal. Used to play Nethack many years ago, even got 5-6 ascensions under my belt.

Dreamed for many years about writing my own roguelikes. Even attempted a few, with varying degrees of success. So far, the most promising one is Tetraworld, a mind-bending roguelike where the player moves in 4D space. (That's 4 dimensions of space, btw, not 3D space + 1D time. Or if you prefer, this is a 5D game, with 4D space + 1D time. No time travel, though.) There's gravity (of the 4D variety), 4D water, 4D creatures currently implemented, and a whole bunch of exotic stuff planned.